Hillary and Obama are helping my gun stocks

It’s no secret that Obama’s rhetoric on Gun Control helps firearm stock prices. People fear regulation, and everytime there’s a mass shooting and Obama makes a tearful plea for meaningful legislation on Gun control, gun sales go up.

Part of the problem is people in cosmopolitan environments don’t understand the realistic reasons people in rural areas believe they need guns. If you’re alone at your house 30 minutes outside of town and see two people sizing up your possessions and farm equipment, you can’t call Law enforcement and be certain they’ll show up in time. These people could also see you and turn out to be violent and attempt to hurt you. Even if they’re unarmed it’s two against one. 

Or let’s say you live in town and your a single woman who’s ex-husband is mentally unstable with a tendency for violent, drunken behavior. You’re scared the cops will be busy the one moment you need them most and not show up in time. Perhaps, like Charlize Theron’s mom, you’ll need a gun to save your own life. 

We’re never going to ban knives. We use them for things like slicing our bread. A large man vs a small man or women in a fist or knife fight is unfair, but guns are an equalizer. Who knows, maybe Nicole Brown Simpson would still be alive if she had a gun on her that night in Brentwood. 

I’m also confused by the logic behind the democrat parties seemingly conflicting positions that 1) no one should have guns and 2) police are terrible, violent people who target minorities. If police suck how the hell are minorities such as myself supposed to give up our guns and rely on law enforcement to protect us? I would really appreciate if someone could explain this line of reasoning to me. 

To be honest I’m actually not a hardliner on Gun control. You’re not going to see any pictures of me in a cut-off tee holding a rifle and having a dead deer at my feet. I’m cool with an increase in background checks and a limit of rounds you can buy for assault weapons. Neither of these issues really affect me. Yeah I’m aware that there are people in the Pro-Gun community who in a sense undermine their own platform by not implementing proper gun safety. People need to lock up their guns. I also know that there’s no way suddenly Anti-Gun Hillary (who was basically Annie Oakley in the 2008 primary) can make meaningful change in Gun Laws with her radical anti-gun stance.

I’m not mad at it. I bought my Smith and Wesson Stock soon after the Roseburg shooting where I noticed that no one in that town wanted Obama there and Gun stocks were steadily rising. In hindsight I regret that decision because I bought too high. Before Hillary started stepping up her gun control talking points, undoubtedly trying to win over some of Bernie’s leftist voters, I was losing money. Now I think with this tough position, Hillary is essentially shooting herself in the foot as she prepares for the general. For me though, things are looking up. 

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