Elizabeth Warren VS. Donald J. Trump

Currently mainstream media is attempting to promote the narrative that Elizabeth Warren is shredding Trump with her attacks on his previous comments about the housing crash, calling him a “small, insecure money grabber.” Apparently the best Trump can do is call her Pocahontas. 

This claim of Trumps is not without some credence. Elizabeth Warren was listed as a “minority, Native American” faculty member at Harvard even though she is not a citizen of the Cherokee nation and she lacks the ability to name a specific Native American ancestor. Yes, a lot of people in America believe they have Native American ancestry yet lack the ability to prove it. I understand this, DNA kits cost like a hundred bucks and I’d rather spend that money on shoes. Blood politics are tricky and I won’t get to into it, but I do recommend this book. Overall the problem with Elizabeth Warrens squirrellyness on her heritage is that she is gnarly white and has obviously never face discrimination in her life for her race, yet she possibly benefited from affirmative action policies that are designed to help those who’ve actually been oppressed. That’s just not cool yo. 

Native American controversy aside, I think there’s some major problems with Elizabeth Warrens attacks on Trump. Essentially she’s attacking him for following the fundamentals of investing. When a stock is tanking you buy, when a house is being foreclosed on you buy, if a store is going out of business, you stock up on shoes.

The other day when I read an article that the CHK CEO killed himself, I thought “hmm that’s sad. I bet that stock is mad cheap right now,” and I went and bought it and made like $4.

This is not meanness or pettiness, it’s called being business savvy. You’re on the lookout for opportunities. If the democrat party can’t even understand this basic principle, how the hell are they supposed to have any credibility in forming legislation to help businesses and jobs? 

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