End of May Stock Market Assessment 

I’m up by 5.31% this month which isn’t bad at all. I had some scares earlier and thought I’d lost money (and I am in some parts of my portfolio) but since I’ve invested I’ve gained more than I lost. Yay! 

My winners of the month are the gun stock Smith&Wesson, the silver stocks SSRI and CDE, tobacco VGR, The car rental CAR, and of course, the Pharmas IDRA, AKBA, and CPXX. ACADIA’s down today but overall they did ok this month with an increase of 3%. 

I think I’m fortunate because I figured out to buy pharma stocks while they were all tanking so they were incredibly cheap and now they’re on he upswing. I also did well with silver, but I lost money on Yamaha gold. Silver is known for having high gains and losses though, so this trend could reverse. 

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