Feminism today 

At the end of the day I usually consider myself a feminist, not in the man hating sense (I don’t walk around grumbling about the “privileged white mail”), but in the sense that I believe male and women are intellectually equivalent, women should have the same rights, and male and females both have equal capacity to achieve historical greatness. 

Currently I find myself being turned off from feminism because the pendulum is swinging too far. It’s not even swinging too far to the left, it’s swinging too far into crazy town. The bomb threats, the protests of Milo at UCLA are seriously pathetic. I have just as little sympathy for lunatic leftist as I have for crazy right wingers, such as the Bundy’s and the Westboro Baptist Church. 

History shows that extremists eventually undermine themselves. This is exactly what the hardcore feminist and P.C. crowd are doing. They’re behavior is so fanatical that they aren’t just turning people off, they’re creating active enemies. When you act like a screaming psycho and physically barricade those who disagree with you, you’re not being inspirational, you’re being an embarrassment. Seriously just grow up yo!

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