The “Love Trumps Hate” slogan

Were democrat strategists on drugs when they came up with “Love Trumps Hate? It may actually be the dumbest slogan ever. It’s reminiscent of a basketball team scoring a 3 point in the wrong hoop. They use his name, and in instances of no context it doesn’t  read explicitly as a diss. 

Love TRUMPS hate. So love is the subject of the sentence… and TRUMP is used as the victorious verb? This implies that Trump is a byproduct of love, and helps love overcome hate, aka the direct object. 

Now I am far from a grammar nazi, I truly just can’t see the logic behind using your opponents name as a verb. For real what campaign consultant focus grouped that ishh? Was it a superpac? Aren’t democrats supposed to be the “intellectual party”? Did they focus group a bunch of apes? Does anyone understand sentence structure anymore? (Probably not)

Also there’s this thing called NAME RECOGNITION on ballots. This gave Trump a major advantage in the primary and could carry on in the general. Yes Trump is well known but not well liked and the same goes for crooked Hillary, but you don’t see the Trump campaign being dumb enough to throw her name out in slogans except for that short title I just used. 

Liberal stupidity yo. 

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