John McCain vs Obama & ISIS

Today John McCain had the audacity to logically blame Obama for The ISIS affiliated Orlando attack. This blame was logical because 1) The ISIS threat did NOT exist until Obama 2) Many Military experts weighed in that pulling the troops as soon as he did was poor strategy because it would create a vacuum. And 3) Anyone ever see Charlie Wilson’s War?! Vacuums in the Middle East –> Terrorist groups. This is not an opinion. This is a fundamental strategical truth. 

I’m also not surprised that liberals are yet again blaming Bush for ISIS. Yes Bush got us in there with faulty intelligence that suggested Iraq had weapons have mass destruction, but remember every single democrat that mattered at the time supported it zealously including Hillary Clinton. Democrats and republicans were both stoked to jump on board against an enemy to save their political souls, the average US citizen didn’t have the understanding of non-state actors that we have today. We needed a solid, geographically tangible enemy to blame. Obama doesn’t have that excuse, Al Qaueda caused 9/11 and when ISIS started gaining power he shouldn’t have dismissed them as the JV team. If he wants to push gun control so bad he should at least TRY to appear that he’s taking the liquid terrorist threat seriously. I’m no fan of the Clintons, but Barry should probably take a page out of the Bill playbook and triangulate for once. At least that fucker could pretend to be a moderate. 

In another note on liberal media hypocrisy, I recently read a Time article that gave some of the housing market crash to Bill Clintons policies that actually caused it, but ended with “It happened under George Bush’s watch so ultimately it was his fault.” Where is that kind of reasoning when it comes to Obama? ISIS is happening under his watch but we don’t give him any responsibility? Why do we even bother calling him president then? It might as well still be GWB.

McCain, McCain, McCain. Please don’t backtrack when you finally said something ballsy and right. I know your spirit got crushed after you were offered up as the sacrificial candidate to the cool black guy no one had a chance against, but the Truth has a certain ring to it. Please stick with the truth for once.

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