Black Lives Matter and Social media Social Justice Warriors

I’m not arguing that we don’t need criminal justice reform. We do.  This week I read the New York Times report by the renown African American professor, Roland G. Fryer Jr., that there black people “are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper-sprayed by a police officer,” but they are … More Black Lives Matter and Social media Social Justice Warriors


In wake of the Orlando shooting we are once again reminded that everyone on the Internet is an idiot. I can’t even surf the web without feeling suffocated by the stupidity of others. Dumb point I’ve seen number 1: “It’s wrong to blame Islam for mass shootings because the majority of them are made by … More Orlando

Feminism today 

At the end of the day I usually consider myself a feminist, not in the man hating sense (I don’t walk around grumbling about the “privileged white mail”), but in the sense that I believe male and women are intellectually equivalent, women should have the same rights, and male and females both have equal capacity … More Feminism today 

Elizabeth Warren VS. Donald J. Trump

Currently mainstream media is attempting to promote the narrative that Elizabeth Warren is shredding Trump with her attacks on his previous comments about the housing crash, calling him a “small, insecure money grabber.” Apparently the best Trump can do is call her Pocahontas.  This claim of Trumps is not without some credence. Elizabeth Warren was listed … More Elizabeth Warren VS. Donald J. Trump

Hillary and Obama are helping my gun stocks

It’s no secret that Obama’s rhetoric on Gun Control helps firearm stock prices. People fear regulation, and everytime there’s a mass shooting and Obama makes a tearful plea for meaningful legislation on Gun control, gun sales go up. Part of the problem is people in cosmopolitan environments don’t understand the realistic reasons people in rural … More Hillary and Obama are helping my gun stocks